Hospice Care

Hospice is a philosophy of care focused on comfort and quality of life, intended to give seriously ill patients and their loved ones meaningful time together when the focus is on the people, not the disease. The hospice care model relies on an interdisciplinary team which can include physicians, nurses, social workers and spiritual aids.

Is hospice for those with cancer only?

No. Hospice professionals provide care for patients diagnosed with a wide range of life-limiting illnesses.

Where is hospice provided?

Hospice care can be provided in many settings. Patients can receive hospice services in their home, a nursing facility or a long term care facility. The hospice philosophy is to enhance the quality of life of a patient as best able regardless of setting. Mountain View Hospice provides hospice services in home, either in the patient's home or the home of a loved one caring for the patient.

How do you begin hospice care?

Patients and family members may  issue a request for an evaluation for receiving hospice care services. Physicians may also formally request or a “refer” a patient to hospice. A representative of the hospice care provider will typically visit the patient within 48 hours of receiving the referral and physician’s approval. In urgent situations, hospice care can begin sooner.

What type of assistance does hospice provide?

Hospice care is designed to enhance the overall quality of life for patients and their families by addressing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs. Mountain View Hospice partners with patients and their families and provides access to physicians, nurses, social workers, home aides, counselors, spiritual counselors. Additionally, hospice can help to provide medications, medical equipment/supplies, hospital services and other forms of assistance as deemed appropriate.

Is hospice care covered by insurance?

Hospice is covered by Medicare, Medicaid/Medi-Cal and most private insurance. Patients and families should always consult their employers or health insurance providers to confirm their coverage. Mountain View Hospice providers will always help families determine their coverage and may also have other ways to assist with care.

When should a decision about entering a hospice program be made—and who should make it?

The final decision to elect hospice care is made by the patient. However, patients should discuss their options with their families and caregivers because they will play an important role during their treatment. Deciding to begin care is a very sensitive and important issues and physicians and hospice professionals are valuable resources for determining when the time is right. Mountain View Hospice is always happy to answer any questions you or your family may have. Please contact us if we can be of assistance.

What are the Goals of Hospice?

The goal of hospice care is to assist the patient in achieving the highest quality of life possible.  This is accomplished by taking a holistic approach to the care of the patient/family by focusing on:

  • Mind - providing emotional support to the patient and family as they cope with the patient’s decline and impending death in order for them to all be coping effectively;
  • Body – no longer curative treatment, but aggressively treating physical symptoms that occur as the body is shutting down, thus allowing for a comfortable end of life; and
  • Spirit – providing spiritual support to the patient and family which allows for spiritual peace which in turn enables the patient to pass away without distress and allows the family to have peace when their loved one passes away.

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