Patient Conditions Cared For

Hospice care increases the overall quality of life for a patient afflicted with a life-limiting illness.  Hospice patients typically have been given a diagnosis of six months or less left to live.  The experience of a person diagnosed with cancer or heart disease is very different from that of an Alzheimer’s patient or someone with a pulmonary condition. We tailor our clinical care and support services to meet the unique symptoms, social and emotional needs that accompany each specific condition or illness.

Goals of Hospice

The goal of hospice care is to assist the patient in achieving the highest quality of life possible.  Mountain View Hospice accomplishes this by taking a holistic approach to the care of the patient/family by focusing on:

  • Mind - providing emotional support to the patient and family as they cope with the patient’s decline and impending death in order for them to all be coping effectively.
  • Body – no longer curative treatment, but aggressively treating physical symptoms that occur as the body is shutting down, thus allowing for a comfortable end of life.
  • Spirit – providing spiritual support to the patient and family which allows for spiritual peace which in turn enables the patient to pass away without distress and allows the family to have peace when their loved one passes away.



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Mountain View Hospice is committed to seeing all new patients within one hour of receiving their referral. To utilize this service, please call us at (623) 230-3698.